Walks offered in Ojai, California and New England

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I recently had such a wonderful experience with Julie of Shinrin-Yoku Walks. She led me through several ‘invitations’ as we quietly enjoyed our time together in a lovely wooded area. She introduced me to a new way of experiencing our environment. I have long been an avid hiker, but my time with her brought me to a new and different level of appreciation of the glory of the world around us all the time. As she evoked the various senses that are always part of our environment and brought  them to the forefront of my attention, there was a heightened sense of awareness. For example, to stop and then focus on everything ELSE that is in motion, even a tiny leaf, is mind opening. And listening to every sound…noticing the smells…nuances of colors, even feeling the air…all leads to a sense of wholeness.   This heightened sense of awareness gave me a sense of peace and I loved her introduction to a new way of appreciating my world.  Thank you, Julie. 

— Betsy D.

This walk is the best kind of mental therapy — meditation without the devotion to practice. I took an 8 week class in mindfulness meditation, which is helpful in dealing with stress and can lower your blood pressure. I am certain that my guided walk with Julie had my blood pressure significantly lower than when I started, and it didn’t take 8 weeks to do it. I was surprised at the surges of emotion I experienced, both happy and sad. I was equally surprised how easy they were to handle in the arms of nature. While I was in a group of people, it was interesting to see how they faded from my awareness and left me alone with nature. I enjoy the outdoors, but this was my first experience having a dialogue with the natural world. I am pleased to  say that the effect lasted, and I feel much more in tune with the world around me than I did before.

— Chana J.